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Since SIPRI was established in 1966 the Institute has published more than 230 books, research reports and other publications. These works have been edited and, since 1990, typeset by the SIPRI Editorial and Publications Department. Since 1986 SIPRI books have been published by Oxford University Press (OUP). The SIPRI Yearbook, perhaps the best known publication of the Institute, was first published in 1969, and has been published annually since 1972.
    The Department also produces fact sheets and press releases for dissemination from the Institute, and since 1995 has prepared select SIPRI material for publication on the Internet and distribution via electronic mail. In April 2000 SIPRI produced its first CD-ROM, gathering the 6-volume series on The Problem of Chemical and Biological Warfare.
    SIPRI’s publications and other information material are distributed to a wide range of policy makers, researchers, journalists, organizations and the interested public.
Requests for translation rights and copyright issues should be addressed to the Department.

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SIPRI series

*SIPRI Yearbooks on Armaments, Disarmament and International Security

* SIPRI Research Reports

*SIPRI Chemical & Biological Warfare Studies

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